So...Who are we?

TupeloCBD's goal is pretty simple, provide only the best natural, superior CBD products available. CBD products enhance the quality of life for our friends, family, quite frankly everyone. Everything we do comes from a place of sincere desire to help others. With over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, traveling the country helping thousands of different people make those steps to accomplish their dreams, the team at TupeloCBD is here to help you in the exact same fashion. 

Our study of the Endocannabinoid System began well over a decade ago, long before the term CBD became so popular. This was out of natural curiosity, as I have always been drawn to how the systems of the body function and interact with one another.

After a serious injury requiring the bursa to be removed from my left elbow and steel pins in my right hand, I learned first hand (no pun intended) of the miraculous benefits  of CBD. Again in turn sparking my curious, inquisitive brain the research really went into overdrive. Now with roughly 15 years of knowledge and research, myself and the rest of the team here at TupeloCBD will bring those hundreds of hours of trial and study to you. 

We look forward to helping spread real knowledge to the world and help eliminate any stigmas associated with the ECS and CBD.