Cannabis and the false narrative

      behind it's demonization.

The truth behind the lies

As most of us know, cannabis has been deemed "illegal" for quite a long time now. To be more accurate, a little over 81 years. Even though this is all considered common knowledge, how many know the true reasons? How many know the blatant false narrative and public fear mongering lead by a man by the name of Harry Anslinger?

In 1929, Harry Anslinger was appointed the man in charge of the Department of Prohibition. Under Anslinger's lead, alcohol prohibition was a constant failure. With more and more gangs taking over areas and supplying their illegal alcohol Anslinger had began to worry. Earlier in his career he had stated on more than one occasion that cannabis was not a problem and did not pose any harm to people. As far as going to say the thought of possible harm being caused by it was an "absurd fallacy".

This all changed by 1930 as alcohol prohibition had failed and his rather large government office had nothing to do. Being put in charge of the newly found Federal Bureau of Narcotics seemed to have made Anslinger changer his mind.

Now that the new target was marijuana the Federal Bureau of Narcotics led by Anslinger went into an all out war. Explaining to the public that an individual who used cannabis would, "fall into a delirious rage". This would then be accompanied by dreams of erotic characters. Once at this stage a person would lose the power of connected thought, then fall into insanity. Anslinger even hysterically claimed, "if marijuana bumped into frankenstein's monster on the stairs, the monster would drop dead from fright"!

Once Alcohol prohibiton ended in 1933, Henry Anslinger would spearhead the campaign against Marijuana. In 1936 the infamous movie titled Reefer Madness debuted. This was a film with its sole intent of spreading false information and inducing a public panic in regards to Marijuana. The movie was actually funded by the Liquor Industry ironically enough.

Shortly before the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, new technologies were developed that put hemp in strong  competition with the timber industry and plastic industries. Also the timber industry stood to lose billions as hemp could essentially replace the need for it. Hemp was on the verge of becoming Americas super crop. Unfortunately in 1937, Anslinger testified before Congress in favor of Marijuana Prohibition, thus the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 banned the use of Cannabis and Hemp  based on not one bit of scientific evidence.